Feb 12, 2011

place eggs on the farm using charles

since we all know that now we cannot place eggs on the farm....
If you would like to place some on your farm as decorations, I found an easy way to place them nonetheless using charles. 

1. Open giftbox 
2. Enable breakpoints 
3. Click "Use" on an egg/mg you want to place 
4. Go to Edit Request>AMF and look for the folder where the egg open string is located. Change "open" to "place" 
5. set the x and y coordinates in the "position" folder to an empty spot on your farm (default is 0,0 which is the bottom corner of your farm) 
6. click execute and execute again when the response comes up 
7. repeat more eggs/mg's or release breakpoints and refresh farm to see your eggs on the farm. 

note: since you will not see the eggs on the farm until you refresh, make sure you place each egg in a DIFFERENT COORDINATE and not on top of each other by mistake (not sure what that could cause, but don't come crying to me if your farm gets stuck!) 

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