Get Charles here - testversion, but unlimited use, only nagscreens now and then. If you're a webdeveloper and know what you are doing you can as well use Fiddler, a similar program.

About Charles: It is a webproxy program logging all the communication between your browser (fv client) and the fv server. Your browser is sending requests to the server, the server then sends responses back. You need to stop (= breakpoint) a request or a response to alter anything in this communication!

If you set breakpoints wrong you will have troubles with ALL known and maybe forthcoming methods. So here is a short tutorial on this.

Attention: The server's urls changed end of November 2010, it's now fb-ak-0 (-1, -2 etc.) instead of fb-tc-0. Therefore everybody whose account has been moved to a different server needs to set breakpoints again in Charles like described below.

1) Every time you start Charles you will first see a blank screen. If the stream is logged andsomething happens on your farm, you will see a picture like this with little blue folders coming up on the left side:

Notice the fb-ak-0 (fb-ak-1, 2, 3 etc.) folder on the left side will appear only if you do something on your farm, not earlier.
If you work on your farm and Charles seems to log nothing make sure the button with the little red circle (= logbutton) in the top menu is pressed. If still nothing happens check if you installed the firefox plugin (firefox menu --> extras --> Charles should be there) and if "Mozilla Firefox Proxy" in the Charles' menu (--> "Proxy") is enabled. Using firefox is recommended, but it is confirmed to work in google chorme and internet explorer as well.

: Actually you can start all methods from blank screen also - if you already did the next step -, so there is no need to force any lines on the left side to show up; they will show up as soon as you do an action anyway.

2) You only have to do the next step the very first time when you start Charles (many wrong tuts and vids are existing on this point!), it will be saved then for all following sessions. Rightclick and check breakpoints on gateway.php only:

Atttention: Many people set their breakpoints accidentally on the whole folder fb-ak-etc. This is wrong and will cause you troubles with ALL methods here (you will get too many breakpoints then).
So check the screenshot and set it only on gateway.php.

All following times when a method says "turn breakpoints on" you will turn them on (and off again) with the big red button.

Tip: If you have to open folders, searching for a line don't open each single folder with your mouse, just rightclick on one of the little blue top folders, then choose "expand all".

Tipps for advanced users:

  • Log only the requests you want to change, not everything that is happening in your browser. Therefore add eg * in Proxy >> Recording Settings >> Include to only log requests of farmville and/or add * there to log the ones of FB.
    This will filter all requests except the ones going to these domains.
  • Use rewrite rules (Tools >> Rewrite...) to automatically replace strings in repeated requests. No space  to go in details here about that, search thread on botforum about it (category "other"). 
  • Use the speedbar if your farm is not or only slowly loading with Charles turned on. It allows you to switch of the different kinds of animated flash. Try checking all boxes in settings, it should load in seconds then, even with Charles running - and you still will see the "shadow circles" to do things on your farm. Great tool for breeding too..
  • I hope this will help..

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